【ブリストルブラスター®】配管技術Vol.60 掲載されました

2018年2月号「配管技術」804.Vol.60 No.2(日本工業出版発行)に、【ブリストルブラスター®】を掲載頂きました。





[Bristle Blaster] can be effective in those areas;
– scattered in small areas
– environmental countermeasures such as scattering and noise are necessary
– small/narrow/high spaces where the large equipment can not be brought in

Specifically, it can be applied;
– Partial paint replacement work on bridges
– Painting work such as footbridge or overpass bridges and its main towers
– Auxiliary work of surface preparation
– Removal of rust or coating film that can not be removed by a coating film release agent or induction heating type coating film peeling method

It is also effective for surface preparation of various equipment such as pipes, frames and stairs in private plants.

Also, since we recently released Bristol Blaster ® W (electric type, sales only in Japan) which improved the efficiency of [Bristol Blaster®] to 1.4 to 1.9 times.